1. Is it legal to house refugees?

At the moment, there doesn’t exist a law concerning this activity, however all activities are at your own risk. More information can be found at http://www.ocmw.be/ of +32 (0)14 576 300

  1. Where do all the refugees gather in Belgium?

At the moment, most refugees are located in Brussels, close to the maximiliaan parc. They gather there because they hope to be able to register themselves at the IBZ and the office of the commissioner general for refugees and stateless persons.

  1. I want to volunteer in the emergency camp in Sijsele.

Thank you for your commitment! Please send an email to interventie@rodekruis.be.

Make sure to mention the following information:

  •    Name
  •    Contact details
  •    Background (eg. Previous work experience …)
  •    Availability between now and Tuesday morning, September 8th 8am.
  1. I know someone who needs shelter – where should he/she sign up?

We kindly refer you to Fedasil: info@fedasil.be or 02 213 44 11.

  1. I would like to support financially. What should i do?

This is greatly appreciated! Seeing the federal government is providing funds to organize the shelter for asylum seekers, we would rather use your kind contributions to help asylum seekers restore contact with the family member(s) they may have had to leave behind or that they might have lost in their tough journey looking for a more peaceful place.

Our Tracing Service helps restore family links through its global network of the Red Cross. People can help us by making a donation online or by making a deposit to account number BE53 5353 0000-0000!

  1. I want to work in one of shelters for asylum seekers?

You can apply via www.rodekruis.be/jobs

  1. What if the refugees I want to help are sick?

In case of sickness we recommmend to redirected the refugees to the appropriate authority. More info at www.rodekruis.be/